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I just want a boy I can lay on top of while watching my netflix shows

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spooning is the best because i get to see how long it takes to give you a boner with my ass

Girls are evil for this right here.

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one hand on the steering wheel, the other on her inner thigh

Correct way to drive

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✹ - I cannot stand you.
✰- I need advice.
❥- You're so sexy
♣ - I hate your tumblr.
● - I admire you very much.
♥ - Will you marry me?
✿゚ - I love you.
☺ - I’m too ashamed to talk to you.
ღ - Wish you were mine.
△ - You are ridiculous.
✾ - Your tumblr is one of my favorites!
₪ - Leave tumblr. You are weak.
~ - Three Favorite people?
♔ - Age?
★ - Sexual Orientation?
❈ - Last song you listened?
▲ - Favorite Number?
✖ - Your perfect girl/boy?